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Ergo :: God's Bow

God‘s Bow was found in Szczecin in April 1997 as a part of the band: PCM, which was playing the music of electro-industrial character. Two members of this group (KeyP and SidjaGG) apart from being engaged in PCM band, was also creating music more calm, also electronic but being similar to ambient... On one of the rehearsals of PCM they presented some of their ideas to Agnieszka Kornet, proposing her the co-operation. This is how God‘s Bow was set up. Its genre can be defined as electro-dark-wave mixed with ambient and ethno. God‘s Bow‘s first songs were presented on Castle Party Festival (Bolków, 1997). During this festival the group has been noticed by a small company Black Flames Records from Poznań . Soon the contract was signed and the debut album of God‘s Bow „Twilight“ was recorded.

Some songs from „Twilight” were also included in many western samplers, e.g. German „Hyperium New Classics vol.1” („Cleopatra” song) among groups like Ophelia´s Dream or Love Is Colder Than Death; „My Fault” song was released on an American sampler „Goth Tales vol. 1 – Nightfalls”, English „New Alternatives 4” among Attrition and Swan Death and in year 2000 on Japanese sampler „Subhuman”; songs of God´s Bow can also be found on compilations: „Angel Child vol.4”(Sweden) and on the latest German records: „Cantara III” and „Angels Delight 3” among e.g.. L´áme Immortelle, Mila Mar, In The Nursery.

In 1999 „Twilight” was released in the Western Europe with the help of Dion Fortune/SPV company. This event was accompanied by many articles and interviews in famous magazines, like „Orkus” and „Sonic Seducer” (Germany), „Side Line” (Belgium), „Hard Wired” (Great Britain) and many zins presenting electro music.

Since their debut album, te group has had many occasions to perform during the concerts and festivals, e.g. Castle Party or Dark Beat Festival in Legnica among groups like Clan of Xymox, Garden of Delight , Inkubus Sukkubus, Attrition or Psyche; it has been also concerting in Sweden and Germany , winning over many fans.

God's Bow is also an author of many covers; from repertoire of Depeche Mode the band has chosen and recorded their own version of „The Things You Said”, which has later been released on the Polish compilation „Master of Celebration”; on the compilation „Prayers for Disintegration” filled with songs of The Cure, the God's Bow's cover of „Plainsong” was included. These songs were recorded as a duet, because SidjaGG decided to leave the group.

At the end of 2000 the group has started the cooperation with a German group Endraum. The result was recording the second album in ten Weisser Herbst studio (Frankfurt/Main) under the guidance of Roman Rütten, which is the producer of this album. This was not the end of their cooperation – God's Bow has created their own version of „Pale Blue the Silence” for the latest album of Endraum („Herzklang Spiegelt am Strassenrand”).

In the early autumn 2001 the album „What's beyond the Suns” had its premiere and started to be distributed in Polish music shops.

In January 2002 God's Bow went to Belgium where it took part in Euro Rock Indoor Festival in Antwerp . The performance made a big success – the band won this conquest and was invited to perform during Euro Rock Summer Festival in Lommel ( Belgium ), one of the biggest festivals of independent music in Europe . So, year 2002 began in a very nice way for God's Bow. Soon God's Bow was invited to play some concerts promoting a sampler of The Cure as well as „What's beyond the Suns”.

In April 2002 the western premiere of „What's beyond the Suns” took part. The record was distributed in Germany thanks to “Strange Ways/Indigo” – on of the best German companies working with such stars like Deine Lakaien, Wolfsheim or Mila Mar. Therefore the interest in God's Bow has increased – all of the most important music magazines in Germany and the whole Europe (e.g. Orkus, Sonic Seducer, Zillo) wanted to have an interview with the band. God's Bow got some very positive reviews in these magazines as well as on the web-pages devoted to independent, gothic and electro music,

The band started also to present its latest material, e.g. as a support group for The Crüxshadows, which was having a concert tour in Europe or as a support group for Deine Lakaien in Freiburg; therefore the band gained some new fans and had a possibility to notice a great interest in its music.... The end of July the band spent in Poland playing in Bolków during the Castle Party Festival and at the end of August it played during the Euro Rock Festival in Lommel ( Belgium ). But this is not the end – in that year God's Bow performed in Germany on the Herbstnächte Festival and in Austria on Black Nation Day Festival.

In the Autumn of 2002 God's Bow was invited by Deine Lakaien to have a common tour „White lies part II” as a support group. Agnieszka and KeyP has performed 15 times during the concerts with a total audience of several thousands people. It was a great opportunity to get new fans and raise more interest in the reviewer's world.

Also in 2002 God's Bow remixed a song “Someone Could” for Common Dream.

The year 2003 begun with many successful events – this time the duet went to Belgium to perform on Eurorock Winter Festival with eg. Corvus Corax. During that year the group performed twice more - on Wave Gotik Treffen in Lipsk and in Belgium as a headliner of LeFantastique Night VI.

In the meantime the band started to record its latest album and compiled also some remix versions eg. for Mila Mar - God's Bow' s version of “In the Name of…” was included on the limited edition of the latest album of Mila Mar - „Picnic on the Moon”, also for Hungry Lucy – the remix of “In the Circle” was included in the limited two-record edition of “Glo”.

In 2004 the band is renewing their co-operation with Endraum again, which results in a common song „Ein letztes Mal” which is to be heard on the German duet's album – “Traumstaub”

The co-operation with Łukasz Pawlak (Nemezis) has led to recording of a song „Nostalga”. It is included in the succeeding edition of the “City Songs XV”.

In 2004 apart from working on the third album God's Bow started to prepare its performance on Castle Party in Poland . In July the group presented itself for the first time with guest artists – on the stage, apart from Agnieszka's vocal and KeyP's electronic instrumentarium the publicity could notice also: B.Deutung (eg.. The Inchtabokatables, Deine Lakaien, Mila Mar) playing cello, Lars Watermann (eg. Mila Mar) – classic drums and Adam Dziewialtowki-Gintowt (eg, Cotton Fields, Dikanda, La Foret Sacree) – drums.

At the end of the year the band has remixed two songs: „Wave” for a German group Fearing Christmas on its new EP “Die Morgennacht” and for “Agonized by Love” – the song “Soul's Humility” from “All of White Horizons” album. At the same time in Poland the new compilation was released – “In Goth We Trust – A Gothic Industrial Collection” with a song “Clear” from “What's Beyond the Suns”.

In the beginning of July 2005 God's Bow has finished to work on a new album, which will be released in Autumn or Winter 2005.

The group consists of:

Agnieszka Kornet - vocal

KeyP - keyboards, programming

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