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Forum Index » About the site » Articles » STEFANIA DIMMEN (second excerpt from DIAVOLOSPERMA book)
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Gothycka Mucha

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PostPosted: 22-02-2006, 01:00    Post subject: STEFANIA DIMMEN (second excerpt from DIAVOLOSPERMA book) Quote selected Reply with quote

Second excerpt from STEFANIA DIMMEN'S book "DIAVOLOSPERMA"


As regards Nikos, little by little he became such an admirer of my personality, that we almost fell in love. However, the abstract sense of friendship gained some time and a first light came into my life. An Indian prince shakes for the first time my whole being. Stefania lets love come into her life.

Thanos made everybody like him, my mother, my brother, my friends. We were going everywhere together as a subversive couple, either hand by hand or in his car. It was a wild, however platonic love. It was a tough luck of my fate to meet him while I was not yet a complete woman. I begun to wonder where was this relation going and what was going to happen if I corrected my sex. Thanos, who was a longsighted man, realized this situation and broke up with me before I bought my tickets to London. He stayed my true friend for a long time after we broke up. I must remind you that at night, during my adventurous life, the hard cold streets were always waiting for me, as well as countless identifications and innumerable times I was caught in the act.

However, despite all the disappointments I was thirsty for life and dreams. Dreams, which still weren't very clear in my head.
My relationship with Thanos taught me that large quantities of drugs may destroy you, since in the past I was smoking 3 to 4 sticks a day while at that time I was smoking almost 10 a day. Oh Bless enough.
Revelry, I feel you, drugs, endless hours of making out, walks along the beach, OM NAMAH SHIVAY!

Divine, divine, divine, I had a nice time with Thanos I was crazy about him and I filled the house with Indian stuff. I had even installed an artificial creek in the house. At the same time we were hobnobbing and fooling around with Anna and Nikos. I was always an enthusiastic and unstable person, but I could also control myself.

In 2000 I was a chestnut - haired diva, stoned up to the hilt with coke, looking in my mirror with a joint in my hand, throwing the ashes on the floor OH BABY WON'T YOU BE MY TWAGGY WIG OUT?.
A little later, I found expression in painting. I painted about 25 tableaux, in order to get off the hook from hashish, influence and copying. I gave them all away to strangers and friends. Some months later, and after having reached my limits with me and my stagnation I decide to go to London.

I stay at a brilliant Gay artist friend's place and we have a whale of a good time together in all the heavy sex & homosexuality liberte clubs.
I have sex everywhere with a very elegant 2-meter-tall gay and on the other hand, I pray that everything goes well with the new beginning in my life.

It is worth mentioning that the first song that I heard when I opened my eyes from the surgery was "TU TIRES" by the wonderful diva Guesch Patti.
"You are strong Stefania" - I thought to myself - "Let's see now how you are going to express your madness".
I go back and I work at full blast, my family is taken aback, they are glad and they are delirious about my spirit. I decide to make a big present to the wonderful woman of my life, my mother. We fly together to London, I amuse her, I am shopping for her, we laugh we take walks together, running at the Covent Garden, we dance like crazy old whores in the Madam Tissaud's Museum and everybody is looking at us. CRAZY DIMMEN MOTHER! Late at night, I run off alone for my dirty little adventures but I find out that I don’t like the English men that much.

In Athens I hang out with music funs. Many friends were coming home and we were listening to this or that, and I got bored. But I hadn't figured it out yet. Aris performs live with his group, the Matisse, a fresh but not subversive band and many people come to listen to him. Nikos, Anna and I meet often, while they find out that they were just good friends. Anna
meets an extreme guy and I start spending much more time with Nikos. Thanos have introduced me to a couple, Orestis and Antigone (a strange couple) with whom we hang out more and more and I admit that they are nice.

STEFANIA DIMMEN'S "DIAVOLOSPERMA" is due to be released sometime in the future.

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Forum Index » About the site » Articles » STEFANIA DIMMEN (second excerpt from DIAVOLOSPERMA book)

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