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PostPosted: 23-08-2006, 13:06    Post subject: M'Era Luna 2006 part.2 Quote selected Reply with quote


On Sunday the sun was shining and in place of mud there was plenty of dust, but being brave soldiers we went straight to the main stage: the music strife day two...

Mona Mur featuring St.Claire ( http://www.monamur.net/) - that was the project that began Sunday round of Festival. The keyboard player and the vocalist of 'Paris' style and chic and deep, sensual, hypnotic voice was a good begging. As far as their music is concerned it was a combination of fast and slow pieces of almost mythological lyrics. I must admit it was a very interesting concert that encouraged me to learn a bit more about the music of the project. During the show ( quite short one) we could hear "Return", "Eden", "Lucifer", "Word" and "Wish".

Solitary Experiments ( http://www.solitaryexperiments.de/) also played for little time." Delight ", "Watching Over you", "Miracle", Still alive" and "Pale Candle Light" were definitely not enough to satisfy the fans gathered in the Hangar, but well, there was no choice. I had a nice time, anyway.

We stayed in Hangar, because I was curious about the concert of XPQ 21 (http://www.xpq-21.com/). The first that strikes about the band is their image evoking associations with “Beetle Juice”, “Clockwork Orange” and decomposing Charlie Chaplin a bit. Still, electro-punk is electro-punk, so musically the album “White and Alive” prevailed, whereas the vocalist played with his 'staff' getting rid of his outfit and generally playing peasant on the stage, but perhaps that was the part of the performance. Luckily, when they started to play at least it sounded alright as they played energetically and very well.

On the main stage of M'Era Luna 2006 Clan of Xymox (http:// www.clanofxymox.com) presented their must-know set : "Farewell", "Weak in my knees" ( Ronny proved his deep understanding of the fans when he thanked for getting up so early, despite the hangover that made some of us feel weak in our knees ;) "Calling you Out", "Jasmine and Rose", "There's no Tomorrow", "One Day". There were no encores and the complainers were sent to the organizers . Generally , it was a good concert, with no surprises whatsoever.

The big run to Hangar to see Soman ( http://www.myspace.com/soman) was worthy mostly because the project plays extremely energetic and ravishing music and it has ladies dancing beautifully in their program, however as far as the vocal it's rather poor. Don't know why, but the sound is awful; it's hard to say whose fault it is the sound technicians or the vocalist herself, but I think it's worth working upon it a bit, as the music itself is très genial!

Just after the Germans the Swedes of Spetsnaz (http://www.spetsnaz.se/) got on the stage. They confirmed their reputation of party animals for 100%. It was one of the concerts I had the greatest fun at. Though Pontus claimed he'd got fat and apologized his fans for that ( coquetry, what else? ;) it was all OK. They played the tracks of their new album and some oldies of 'Grand Design",
the title song, "On the Edge", "Apathy" and 'That Perfect Body" and then Steffen said, clapping his stomach that it was a song about him :) Anyway, it was a fine concerts, though the Swedish fans brought the guards to tears by their tricks : they were carried to the stage on the hands of other members of the audience and then dropped to the ground. that was quite entertaining ;)

Rotersand (http://www.rotersand.net/) presented all what they're famous for: brilliant tracks "Truth is fanatic", "Almost violent" "Last ship', " Merging oceans", "Storm", " Exterminate annihilate destroy", " Undone". Apart from that Mark Jackson of VNV Nation appeared on the stage and evoked great joy among the fans .It looked really fine when the said Jackson and Rasc were hitting the beat – it was a nice 'treat' of the concert.

As to Apoptygma Berzerk (http://www.apoptygmaberzerk.de/) I don't have much to say, especially that they've given a concert in Poland not so long time ago. According to some people their concert was better while the others claimed it was worse...it's hard to compare , especially that in Cracow they played in the club whereas M'Era Luna was an open air show which is connected with different presentation and reactions of the audience. APB played "Kathy's song", "Shine On", " Unicorn", "Until the End of the World", 'Deep Red". Similarly to Mesh or De/Visions they raised enthusiasm of the fans while the rest stood still and listened, so I believe the response in Cracow was more spontaneous.

I'll say it straight ahead and without beating around the bush – I know very little about the music of
Ministry (http://www.ministrymusic.org/), but the person who would remain indifferent to their concert would surprise me a lot. For the first part of the concert I stood with my mouth open, my jaw fallen down and eyes ( and ears) wide open / yeah, very intelligent sight, indeed:p/. Gents hurried onto the stage and there was chaos: noise, roars, clamor, rumbling sounds and the vocal – similar to nothing I've heard before. Well... I must say that was partly deafening, partly inspiring and partly shocking. Probably thanks to the contrast to concert of APB ; it was like serving, no throwing, a raw piece of meat on the wooden, unshaved table after a vanilla pudding and looking like the blood goes to all sides... :p)Anyway, the concert was long and succulent that's for sure.

The next band - In Extremo ( http://www.inextremo.de) - gave spectacular concert. Gentlemen were wearing clothes kinda pirate/punkish in style ( it's hard for me to define their style, at times they reminded me of the wandering troupes of Italian actors :) and the vocalist stood behind the wheel and what can I say... that boat was pitching from side to side right, alright ;) The band would probably played even longer, but unfortunately there were time limitations. they played i.a "Spielmannsblut", "Horizont" "Ave Maria" i "Der Vollmond".

Within Temptation (http://www.within-temptation.com/) - the star of the last day of the Festival and its spectacular final did not disappoint the expectations. When I listened to the concert of WT it came to my mind that they are specialists of changeable temperatures: the intros of their songs are usually extremely moving, monumental, emotional , giving thrills and then there is a passage to the calmer stanzas that relax, calm down and sooth to hit again with the double force during the refrain. I must admit that such surfing is very interesting and Within Temptation are definitely masters in steering the emotions of their audience. The band played their version of "Running up that Hill" ( for they love Kate Bush as they said) and also "Mother Earth", "Stand my Ground" and "Ice Queen".
It's hard not to mention the visual aspect of the concert as it was very rich, indeed. I presume the protectionists, stage designers and light technicians surely had had a lot of work before the concert as the fireworks, smoke and fire enriching the concert as well as the props and other elements of decoration( two gigantic statues of angels, plants) and marvelous lights were really breathtaking. The artists moved wreathed in smoke, bathed in changing lights or covered in cosy darkness and played the music which constituted either a knock-down foreground or a gently lulling background.
The band's contact with the audience is the third thing that I liked about the show: it was really natural and very, very friendly. I realize it's not the most important factor to make the concert successful, however, I believe it helps to leave the listeners with the nice feeling that they are part of the show not just the 'recipients', which situation often takes place with the other performances.

To sum up the whole thing I'd say that obviously the festivals of such kind offer variety of treats and wide range of musical genres, possibility of meeting friends in a fine atmosphere that favors comparisons, inspires and relaxes, but at the same time demands highest stamina if one wishes to use it to the utmost degree:) Despite that their popularity isn't about to decrease, on the contrary I believe more and more people will be going there mostly for the offered line-up of great bands.

Special thanks for Matthias Pätzold for not getting mad with us and all the support:)

The text published by permission of yesternight.pl

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