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PostPosted: 25-05-2007, 10:38    Post subject: Interview with Christian Lund ( NorthBorne ) Quote selected Reply with quote

Of past, present and future - an interview with frontman of NorthBorne - Christian Lund

Lunatic: You are just after first concert tour (as a Combichrist support ). What do you think about it? How did people take back your music? In Berlin there was a small group jumping in front of scene (f.ex. me :) )

Christian Lund: First, thanks for jumping. Well, that is a question I answer with pleasure. The tour went very well for NorthBorne. Except from maybe two or three gigs, where the crowd seemed a little bit more into dark goth, the crowd gave us good feedback and really seemed to like what we presented. I mean, very few of them had ever heard anything from NorthBorne. I even think that we weren't mentioned on some of the posters. So it seemed that a lot of the people were awaiting to see what we were like and how we sounded. But after the songs and towards the end of our shows, people really was cheering and applausing, so it looked like they were enjoying it. The best part of the tour was actually the UK, but the gigs in Netherlands, Belgium, Hamburg and some other German cities were really good too.
L: In my opinion NorthBorne represents new wave in electronic music - mix of ebm and techno. It means that this is the end of wondering that it will be something new from Icon Of Coil? Andy has CC, Panzer AG and Scany; Seb is working with his wife. All these projects are steps further so does it mean that IoC and future pop is past ?

C: Well, first of all you can say that IOC was bringing things forward, being innovative and ground breaking in some aspects. And we, Andy, Seb and myself were of course constantly renewing ourselves. In the end we found out that we were developing in slightly different directions, and so we started to work on our own ideas more and more - ideas that weren't really fitting with the image of IOC. We had no plans in quitting IOC, but we just couldn't find time enough to do everything at once. Maybe we'll find some more time in the future.
If NorthBorne is representing the "new" wave in the electro-industrial scene, is hard for me to say. That would be up to the listeners to decide. They're the ones who define the scene - what's hot and what's not.
L: I have read that you were playing "Pursuit" live. It's a cover of IoC song. And your other song "Trucks (v 1.1)" sounds similar to Shallow Nation - is this a cover also? Some people thinks that is.

C: Ok, let's take "pursuit" first. This was before I went to Russia to play a small gig with NorthBorne. Since IOC never got to play Russia, due to different reasons, I thought it would be cool to make an instrumental and more dance-techno-based version of pursuit. So it's not a cover, it's more actually just another live-IOC-version performed by NorthBorne.
When it comes to "Trucks", which is a track on both "Industrial for the Masses III" and on the album "Force it", this has nothing to do with "Shallow Nation". BUT... the melody line at the end of the song is deliberately very similar to IOC's "Existence in Progress". I did this because I thought it would be fun, since I used to play with IOC.
L: What does it mean "NorthBorne"?

C: It's Norwegian and means: "Poland rules, and we wanna go there to play in front of the excellent Polish crowd"
He he, no, it really doesn't mean anything specific. It's a made up word generated from the word "airborne".
L: Ok Christian, please, tell something about Alex Coucheron Jarl. I only found that he took a part in Oslo Synthfest in 2004 as Act of Confidence (sorry, I only know a few words in Norwegian)

C: Oh, Alexander used to play keyboards in a industrial metal band called "Konfront", and he also is the one and only behind the name "Act of Confidence". We met at the University in Oslo, found out we liked the same music and that we both made music. It didn't take long before I asked if he wanted to join live, but after a while, when I got the record deal wih NorthBorne, he joined in studio, assisting the production process.
L: The debut-album "Force It" was released on March 9th 2007 by OutOfLine. In a few words, how you will recommend this calbum to polish fans?

C: As far as I know, the Polish fans are incredible. I've never played the myself, but I have met a few when playing in Germany. I have also heard from friends who played there that they're really good and that the like to have fun and move around a lot. So, to me NorthBorne sounds like the perfect music for Polish people who are into everything from industrial, via ebm and elektro, to techno and house. So I say: "You buy CD, promotors notice, promotors send me request, we come play, everybody have fun!" He he.
L: Any plans for a future?

C: More music, more beats, more gigs, more fun!

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PostPosted: 05-09-2013, 10:26    Post subject: Quote selected Reply with quote

Interesting and informative interview,Thanks for sharing it
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