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Gothycka Mucha

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PostPosted: 03-11-2005, 23:14    Post subject: La Mamoynia - Mono Ego (2005) Quote selected Reply with quote

I had mixed feelings when I got the Album of the Italians - I'm this kind of a creature that likes albums having boxes, inlay cards, generally speaking - those traditional ones. And here there are bare MP3s. But that's all right, all in all, I write for an undoubtedly internet portal DarkNation, so it's high time we passed over an electronic form of the material and concentrate on the music itself.

It's already the second album of the Italians from Brescia, published by Die Kraft durch die Form. The album will rather be unavailable in Poland but you can always try. Is it worth the effort - find out below.

So what do the musicians responsible for Mono Ego offer to the listeners? Nothing really inventive - good old dark wave, warmed up a bit by synthesiser melodies a la early Xymox. The music flows in the slightly average tempos (unfortunately, everything on this album is average), it's not too fast but also not too slow - just right not to let the listeners fall asleep. And it would be all pleasant, even really nice because I miss just this kind of music that is within the frames of electro stream but is not very heavy, that wouldn't scare off our neighbours and that wouldn't make our pets go into hysterics. It would be nice was it not for the voice of Dimitris Triantafyllou who, for the band's disadvantage, decided to hold onto the microphone. The guy cannot sing and probably will never learn it. He sounds like someone slightly drunk taking part in a karaoke contest, drowning out otherwise pretty good music. It's the case in the first song of the album I stand alone, as well as in the best track of the album - Links. I don't have to mention that his "voice" devastates these compositions completely.

Still, the album has its advantages - first of them is its being multilingual. We hear the songs sung in English and (surprise!) in Italian. For the unaccustomed ear it sounds a bit funny but after a while it gains its charm. Secondly, the compositions are quite catchy and would be suitable for the dance floors. And thirdly, you can hear that the musicians have lots of good ideas for the arrangements and they are able to surprise the listeners - one of the surprises was the cello in the last song Something that does not exist (version).

It's difficult for me to express an authoritative opinion on the album. If you listen to it just by the way, to fill in the domestic silence, while doing something else, it should get a friendly reception. But if you try to make it the main course of your music feast, then it will quickly make you sick with the vocal's monotony and somewhere around the third, the fourth song at the most, you will have had enough.

To summarise - if we have too much money, then why not buy it, but I would rather go to the cinema.


Track list:
1. I stand alone
2. Ich bin Niemand
3. Nightmares I'm hiding from
4. Kenurghia avghi
5. Ipocrisia
6. Links
7. Kammeno charti
8. And nothing more for you
9. Agapi, ti megali leksi
10. Hated for seeing deep in the eyes
11. Something that does not exist (version)

The band:
Dimitris Triantafyllou - vocals, programming
Giuseppe Agosti - bass guitar, programming, percussions
Omäl - bass guitar, programming
Antonio Scalvenzi - drums, percussions

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Forum Index » About the site » Reviews » La Mamoynia - Mono Ego (2005)

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