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PostPosted: 23-08-2006, 09:08    Post subject: M'Era Luna 2006 part.1 Quote selected Reply with quote

And yet another of festival giants has come to an end. I must admit that the outfit of this year's edition was very richly decorated with jewels. M'Era Luna 2006 was special for other reason, too - three bands celebrated their anniversaries this year - Girls Under Glass 20th, Die Krupps 25th and Bauhaus 30th! So we had a reason to celebrate and we used it well! Especially that this time the weather spared us - we didn't have to stroll in mud, rain and the atmosphere of melancholia caused by the cloudy sky above us and lack of moral law within us:)


We got to the place at 9 p.m ( and I must admit that this time it wasn't easy: our brothers Germans surprised us with as many umleitungs as they managed to set on our way :). After we'd put up our tents we went to a party traditionally taking place on Friday before the festival.
One thing is sure - to get there was blood, sweat and tears, as I believe almost half of the newcomers was trying to get to the party. Dantean scenes were taking place in front of the venue - but we managed to get for Fixmer's set who mostly played the tracks he procured together with McCarthy (namely of the album "Between the Devil").Andy LaPlegua, who played afterwards, presented a rather calm set and the DJS of Sonic Seducer filled the rest of the evening. It was quite a nice evening and we had enough of dancing at about 3.30 a.m.


Getting off the tents was a hard act to follow: some people froze to their mattresses, the others heads were so heavy of the alcohol that they were pulling the owners right to the horizontal position, but somehow we succeeded in getting to the festival area at 11.30 just in time to see the fragments of concerts of Northern Lite and Ragicide.

However, the first full concert I saw was the one of Midnattsol ( http://www.midnattsol.com).
The vocalist of the band is Carmen Espanes - the sister of Liv Kristine. She looked amazing - loose, long, blond hair, wearing long white gown. The bass guitarist - Brigit Oellbrunner - was a volcano of energy and she attracted a lot of attention. I enjoyed the visual aspect of the concert though I do not listen to the "Nordic folk metal".

The Norwegians of Gothminister (http://www.gothminister.com/) gave a wonderful concert both musically and visually. The musicians were wearing full make-up, costumes and they provided fireworks on the stage ( both literally and metaphorically)and plenty of props : skulls, candles etc. they played "Gothic anthem" and made me enormously happy. The other songs were: "Happiness in Darkness", "Monsters" and "Angel". The vocalist was jumping onto the platform styled to a pulpit from time to time and sang the song up from there which made an impression of a very musical and strong sermon. The fans responded with enthusiasm.

Girls Under Glass (http://www.girlsunderglass.de/), is the band which, as I've already mentioned, celebrated their 20th anniversary during the Festival. Because of that the artist of other projects i.a Project Pitchfork and Catastrophe Ballet participated in their show It made an impression of kinda family meeting, especially when the artists went to the stage together at the end of the concert. The band presented the songs: " Touch Me ", "When I think about you", "Frozen", "Feuerengel ", "Lucky", " Burning Eyes ", "Die Zeit" or "Ohne Dich".

Mesh ( http://www.mesh.co.uk/) constituted a treat for fans - unfortunately I'm not one of them. The musicians presented an image much grunge in style and they played "Petrified", "Trust you", "My Hands are tied", "Leave you Nothing" "open up the Ground" and "Fragile" as I believe. Those who is fond of the band was probably satisfied - the rest - including me - retreated to the Hangar :)

Dope Stars Inc. (http://www.dopestarsinc.com/) did well - just as during Amphi Festival in Cologne. - rock image enriched by fetish and think pink elements, lots of movement, charisma and scenic energy, scanning of songs and encouraging the audience to participate in the show - that could be the band's card. The fact is that Victor Love - the vocalist - does his best to move up the audience ( this time he was waving the flag and he moved up the microphone stand in the first place :) Gentlemen played "Theta Titanium", "Plungie" " Vyperpunk", "Make a Star", "Rebel Riot", "Generation Plastic" or "Defcon 5" to name just a few.

After the Italian band the well known Liv Kristine ( http://www.livkristine.de/) appeared on the stage and she enchanted the audience with her sweet voice. What's worth mentioning: she presented A-class contact with the audience. During the concert Carmen Espanes of Midnattsol - Liv's sister - sang a song with her what enriched the spectacle.

Next, we moved from Hangar to the main stage to see Funker Vogt ( http://www.funker-vogt.com/home.asp) . Let's put it that way: this time the band's image was totally different from the weekend-sport-casual of Castle Party (costumes, full make-up, so it's hard to blame the Polish fans who were smiling ironically... Apparently, the band can do better, and can make an effort as well, it just depends for whom ... FV played i.a "Bloodsuckers", "Crossfire", "To the Hilt", "Fatherland"

I skipped the part of the enriching and highly thought-provoking concert of Funker to go back to Hangar and see the concert of one of my favorites - Unheilig (http://www.unheilig.com/).
Let's imagine that: the concert begins, enter the dragon and we hear the first sounds of " Luftschiff". Der Graf starts his characteristic dance, he glimpses towards the audience, his eyes are hidden behind the white lenses and the audience bursts with enthusiasm...It was one of the few bands in Hangar that got such positive response which -I believe - confirms their stable (increasing?) popularity in Germany. Next pieces: "Freiheit", "Auf Zum Mond", "Maschine", "Astronaut" , "Sage Ja" and "My stern" , during which glow sticks were lit, made wonderful combination. Der Graf, apart from the fact that he is a great vocalist, has a showman talent and he moves his audience up and makes them feel wanted and appreciated. Not to mention that he turns the atmosphere up to the highest level :) Yes, definitely the time of the concert was "unheilige zeit" plenty of people enjoyed a lot. At certain point the vocalist of Project Pitchfork appeared on the stage - I presume it was a forecast of the Orkus Festival Club Tour 2006 during with both bands will be performing together.

Blutengel ( http://www.blutengel.de/mainportal.htm) - is the band of an established reputation in Poland ( ]:>). In their show both aspects: musical and visual played equal parts. Clear, vivid colors - red, white, black - dominated on the stage; there were also masked persons holding torches and angel/demon-like female figures. All that was extremely spectacular and constituted a proper surroundings for the music of Blutengel - "Go to Hell", "Bloody Pleasures", "Love Killer" and "Solitary Angel".

Frontline Assembly ( http://www.mindphaser.com/) was definitely the reason plenty of people had gone to Hildesheim, the band they'd been waiting for. I don't know of the reaction of dedicated fans; for me it was a bit monotonous , it didn't take me off my feet, but who knows, perhaps I cannot appreciate the genius of FLA. Probably the experts would give a more detailed opinion. The band played "Buried Alive", "Dead planet","Vigilante", "Bio-Mechanic", " Maniacal "," Millenium", "Midphaser", "Unleashed" , "Plasticity", but during the concert I was wandering around the place, so I might have missed something. I beg your pardon in advance:) I don't have a clue what I'd been expecting of the concert, but my knees were clean, my cheeks dry and my head cool, so what can I say - FLA performed their hits, part of the people let themselves go, the others didn't, but the concert was prepared perfectly.

And after that, ladies and gentlemen, Nitzer Ebb ( http://www.nitzer-ebb.de/)came into play...What can I say... it's good they played open air as they could have ruined the roof :) After their concert on WGT I had a certain sense of insufficiency, but now I see the machine is in the phase of momentum and it's going ahead with an incredible speed. Of course nothing could make me happier :)
McCarthy's in his greatest shape! Marching, running, screaming on the stage he finally took his shirt off ( don't know if any of the fans fainted, I believe no, as there was no time and space for it :) There were things to watch and definitely things to listen to: " Join in the chant", "Control I'm here", "Getting closer", "Shame", "Family Man", "Ascend", "Godhead", "For fun" or "Hearts and Minds". My dear lads and lasses, their energy is incomparable to any other band I saw there. It was a great concert that left no doubters: Nitzer Ebb is back. And I can say with my conscience clear: finally!

After that spectacular concert, bravos and encores the giants of this year's M'era Luna appeared. I mean Bauhaus ( http://www.bauhausmusik.com/).
Plenty of people had been waiting for that concert as well; after all rarely is there a chance to listen to the band sailing on the stormy ocean of dark independent music for 30 years. The atmosphere of the concert was special: there was no collective madness, dancing or jumping, but rather concentration and submission to the music. The lights were dim, a bit eerie, the 'theatrical' part was limited: it was a kind of a hypnotic spectacle to attract the audience's attention. Peter Murphy has that something which I wouldn't even call charisma, it's more like a magnetism that makes the audience stand still and listen. The band played i.a "She's in Parties", " Bela Lugosi is dead", "Dark Entries" and "Rose Garden Funeral of Sores".Well, I'm not an expert of Bauhaus ( I've never been and I'm sure I'll be be as well) I shall finish my report of Saturday here.

The text published by permission of yesternight.pl

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