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Ergo :: :Scheuermann: - :Selfslave: (2005)

It is Senon’s first album that I had a chance to listen to and I must say I was surprised by what I heard.

It begins with brainchemistry that is an intriguing introduction into this silent world of feelings and passion.

It is a mixture of synthetic sounds that at times becomes even noise climates. And there is this Senon’s voice taking the listeners to some other place – an isolated, dingy room in which we listen to some stories.

It is the kind of music in which the feeling of loss, bitterness and desire interwine with one another, dominating the whole album.

Songs like “Synthetic”, “Female Fetter” or the excellent “Respire Into Myself” are the reasons why we come back to this album.

You listen to the material with a great pleasure – it is not monotonous, but at the same time it forms some kind of an entity. You can see very clearly that it is a record made according to some very concrete idea.

The only thing that I may criticize here is the impression you might get listening to the second half of this album and I mean in particular the impression that you’ve already heard these sounds somewhere at the beginning of the album. Nonetheless, this production isn’t boring, quite the opposite I would say. The sound pulsates, inviting the listener to this dark, cold world that we definitely wouldn’t like to live in.

Polish albums are not very often seen here, so all the more I encourage you to get to know Marcin’s music.

Note 7/10

Fell free to talk on the :Scheuermann: forum

1. Brainchemistry
2. Genesis Of Fault
3. Contraption Warming
4. Burst Together mp3 in our download section !
5. Respire Into Myself
6. The Manifest (Mothlike Introduction)
7. Mothlike
8. Shape Of Light
9. Canvas Skin
10. Flutter
11. Synthetic
12. Still
13. Female Fetter mp3 in our download section !
14. Scars
15. Trip Over Soul
16. Distant
17. Fade In Fear

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