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Aaricia_de_Goth :: Emilie Autumn - 'Opheliac ' ( 2006 )

Multitalented, innovative, eclectic and unconventional - singer, songwriter, producer, pianist, and world class violinist. Here she comes- Emilie Autumn herself. This girl has already released two albums on her own label, Traitor Records, but with ‘Opheliac’ she is finally going to be really spread worldwide.

‘Opheliac’ has blown me away from the very start. It is a delightful blend of classical, modern , dark and hard sounds, full of energetic tones, theatrical melodies and haunting voice of Emilie. Miss Autumn has put before the listener a landscape of tones and colours investigating the whole world of love madness.

Have you ever stayed on the brink of madness, alone and disilussioned ? Have you ever hated your lover feeling deluded, empty, naive ? Have you ever wanted to know how it feels like for a girl to be abandoned, shattered , left on her on ?
I bet you have been there yourselves many times, but you have not written such a stunning piece of music about that. Well, you don’t have to anymore, as Miss Autumn presented you with all aspects of love suffering, love madness.

She has a stunning array of tools at her disposal, including violins (both classical and electric), piano, harpsichord, and a multitude of electronics with crashing beats and vocals that are filled with emotions. They all mix wonderfully with passion, aggravating the fury or comforting when needed.The music created is a maelstorm of insanity and fulfilment, there are breaks, relaxed pieces only to be followed by zealous wilderness and lunacy full of dark and gloomy sounds. Emilie’s voice changes from alluring, enchanting tones to excited , quick and violent. The result is sexy, surprising, controversial, interesting.
It has been hard for me to pick some favorite songs on that album. ‘Opheliac’ holds almost only good quality songs, each distinctive and captivating. I love them all.
The music and the visual image Emilie has created, called by her “victoriandustrial” is totally innovative, fresh, original.It is gothic, it is industrial, it is pop , it is classical. I am totally hooked on it. I adore you Emilie Autumn.

01. Opheliac
02. Swallow
03. Liar
04. The Art Of Suicide
05. I Want My Innocence Back
06. Misery Loves Company
07. God Help Me
08. Shalott
09. Gothic Lolita
10. Dead Is The New Alive
11. I Know Where You Sleep
12. Let The Record Show

Mark: 9.5/10

Komentarzy: 0 21.10.06 - 04:38

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